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Deborah Whitehouse

Photo Credit © Lynn Learned

Photographer and photomuralist Deborah Whitehouse works in both fine art photography and large-scale public art. Her edgy fine art photography series Saturday Night is in museum and private collections internationally. Her best-known public work, Spirit of Atlanta, greets thousands of people daily at the Atlanta International Airport. Selected photographs and installations have appeared in Art in America and Public Art Review. Currently she is coauthoring a photo book for Mexican and American children focused on a Mexican father’s homecoming after working in the United States for many months.



Untitled from the Series Saturday Night

Ambient light from different sources illuminates two sides of this portrait made with a long exposure and flash fill. Deborah Whitehouse works on a tripod and uses a shutter speed of eight to ten seconds, then ends the shot with the pop of a strobe powered down to it’s lowest setting for a touch of crisp lighting on the subject. She often counts down the exposure time to indicate that her subject should remain still until after the strobe fires.

© Deborah Whitehouse
Camera: Nikon FM2, Lens: Nikkor 28mm, Aperture: f/8, 

Exposure: 10 seconds, Film: Fujicolor Professional 100, Lighting: ambient light plus fill flash

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